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How to Marry?
For downloading files from torrents need any program for this professional, I recommend uTorrent.

Link to download the program:
* For stricken - you download the program, installing, potentially opening the torrent file and choose where to save files (eg. C: / Downloads, and click OK)

Let's get started.
1. Choose something at $ wwww what interests us, for example: game, a movie or a program like.
2. When you have typed what we're looking show us a list of files at the top, are the latest, open or immediately charge Torrent.
3. Now that you have become familiar with the description to download your file, click on the icon '' ''
4. At this point, We downloaded a torrent, which for the moment we will begin to download using uTorrent.
5. Now click on the downloaded torrent 2x left mouse button and wait until you open the program. Click OK.
6. After downloading the file, close the program, and we can turn what we were married.

Thank you for reading my guide! :)

Explained by Maizerka and Gazu, a guide created for the service $ internet
Reproduction without my permission, forbidden!

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